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Monday, July 23rd 2012

4:27 PM

Preteen girls fucked


Related article: Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2008 15:13:51 +0000 From: Keith Lindop Subject: David and DamienThis story is a work of fiction, its set in the present day and in a small town in the Midlands of the Uk, it contains sexual situations between teenage boys and if this is not your idea of a story then please leave now, in this story they don't use protection, but if you indulge in the bdsm preteen naked same activities then you should. David Haynes was glad it was home time and also the last day of the school week and next week was half term as well, this horny 14 year old had had PE as the last lesson of the day and had just stared at 20 other 14 year old boys in various states of undress in the changing rooms, he had been battling with a hard cock for the last 15 minutes as he showered topsite preteen model then dressed back into his school clothes from his sweaty PE shorts and tee shirt, he did notice that other boys seemed to have the same problem but nothing was said during the showering and drying off. Now he couldn't wait to get home and get undressed and wank off, as he turned a corner he heard a scream and looked left and saw a group of boys from his school attacking another boy, they were laying into him as he lay curled up in a ball on the ground and were shouting obscenities at preteen lingerie pix him and kicking and punching him, David raced up and took a swing at the nearest boy, a lad named Roland who was called "Rat" at school, he hit him just under the eye and he fell backwards on the floor clutching his face and then one of the other boys grabbed at David and ripped his shirt as David tried to escape his clutches, but another boy landed a punch to his ribs preteen pedo forum and bdsm preteen naked he winced but quickly recovered and landed a punch to that boys stomach winding him, the others ran off closely followed by "Rat" who shouted he would "get" David after half term and the rich bastard he was helping.David got up and went over to the young boy still curled up sobbing on the floor, he helped him up and helped him collect his school stuff young cunt preteen together "you ok ?" he asked the young lad "ermm I think so" sobbed the lad "come on then lets get you home, I will come with you in case they try that again" went on David and they set off down the road and the boy said he lived nearby and that his name was Damien and he was also 14 and went to St Jude's Boys school, a private school and very exclusive, so David realized why Rat had called him the "rich bastard". Although he was the same age as David he was about preteen babes xxx 4 inches shorter and a bit thinner although not thin if you know what I mean, they reached his home which looked as though it was at the end of a short drive and a quite big and imposing house, Damien turned to David and said "would you like to come in?" "well I must be getting home" said David "well it looks like you dog fucking preteen young preteen russian need to clean up a bit" went on Damien babysitter preteen and pointed to the dirt on David's face and hands and a small cut as well on his hand and his shirt was ripped, " oh ok but can't stay long" preteen free anal Damien grinned and they both went up the drive to the house with Damien explaining his folks would be home late tonight as they both worked in the city, he unlocked the door and switched off the bleeping alarm, "follow me David" said Damien and he set off up the wide staircase with David following peeing preteen girls marveling at the amazing d‚cor of the place, at the end of a passage babysitter preteen at the top Damien opened a door and led David into his room "wow!!" exclaimed David and his eyes bulged at the size of the bedroom, on one wall was a very large plasma screen TV and on top of a set of preteen free anal drawers underneath was a DVD player and stereo and sat receiver and god knows what else, over by another wall was a desk with a laptop on. All this was around a huge king size bed, Damien said "you want to clean up legal preteen schoolgirl a bit David, the bathrooms through here" and opened a door and boy preteen pictures they both stepped inside a shower room and toilet and Damien showed him where the towels were and left him to clean himself off, David slipped off his jacket and ripped shirt and surveyed his bruises, he would have one on his back and his chest, he washed the dirt off his chest and face preteen latin nudeincest and then his face, the door opened and Damien stood there looking at the bare chested David and he felt a twinge down below, David whirled round and Damien said "sorry to disturb you but I think I have a bruise on my back..can I just check in the mirror?" "sure, come over here and let me look" answered David Damien undid his shirt and slipped it off, David looked at his small body and his cock started to twitch and get a bit fuller, although he was small he was perfectly formed and his upper body was slightly tanned and his nipples stuck out proud in the cool of the bathroom. David noticed some redness at a few places on his upper body and told Damien he would have a few bruises showing in awhile . "I feel one is coming on my thigh as well" said Damien "you want me to take a look then?" asked David "mm ok then" said Damien and undid his belt and slipped down his grey school trousers and stood with them round his ankles, he had white cotton boxers on and grey school socks with a blue stripe on the top, he looked every inch a typical English private schoolboy, his dark tanned legs looked great except for a nasty red mark just below his underpants and David touched it and Damien winced and screwed up his eyes "ohh oww" moaned Damien, "well that will get better soon I hope" said David and he bbs preteen picture noticed the front of Damien's underpants were tenting out and he felt his own were also doing that in his trousers, "mmm..seems like someone is a wee bit excited" he said Damien was red faced and tried to turn away and hide his erection in his boxers, David touched his leg and said "its ok, I have seen many like that before so no problems Damien".They looked at each other and saw the longing in each others eyes and David said "do you want me to help you out?" Damien nodded and David slid his hand over the front of Damien's underpants, Damien moaned low and closed his eyes as David felt at the young boys erection, he rubbed his hand over the cloth and then looked up at Damien and hooked his fingers in his boxer waistband and slowly pulled them down exposing the teen boys hard cock, it was about four inches hard and circumcised neatly and showing a lovely shaped bare cock head with a slight dribble of clear pre cum on the head, his own cock was now painfully tenting his trousers and he reached down and undid his own belt and stood up and undid his trousers and slipped them down and off and stood just in his white briefs and grey school socks, Damien smiled at him and he too slid his underpants down and off, David slid his briefs off and boy boys just their socks on the cold tiled floor and looked at each others erect cocks, David's was about five inches hard with his foreskin still slightly covering his cock head, he went in front of Damien and pulled the boy towards him and their hard cocks rubbed up against each other and they embraced...both boys moaned and they cuddled in the cool bathroom. Damien said "let's go onto the bed David" and took his hand and they left the bathroom and hopped onto the large bed.David lay on his back as Damien climbed on top of him and preteen pedo forum they mashed their hard boy cocks together, "ooohh ummmm oohh" both boys moaned and David kissed Damien on the lips lightly and Damien didn't pull away but kissed him back harder and probed with his tongue until David's mouth opened fully and both boys tongues twirled around. Damien broke the kiss and scooted down the bed and took David's hard cock head into his mouth causing him to gasp out loud and reach down and grip Damien's head "arrgghh oohh yessss" moaned David as Damien sucked on his cock head and he pulled on his cock shaft and pulled down the long foreskin to get better access to his cock head, with his other hand he felt at his ball sack and rolled the small egg shaped balls in his fingers which made David lift his hips up slightly and then Damien pushed a finger into David's puckered hole making David catch his breath again "arrggh oohhhh arrghhh" David moaned as Damien fingered him hard as he sucked on his hard boy cock.Damien stopped sucking and went up and kissed David on the lips and said "lets 69 ok!!" David nodded and they curled up in the 69 position and sucked on each others hard boy cocks, David taking Damien's bare cock head into his mouth and sucking on it deep and hard as Damien started to take his cock down his throat, they did this for a few minutes and Damien felt David's balls tighten up and he stopped sucking and let the boy rest and regain his composure, David stopped sucking and asked why Damien had stopped, Damien just grinned and said he wanted David to fuck him... "Oh ok as long as you do me after ok?" said David "of course I will, just try and stop me you sexy boy" said Damien and winked at him and he scooted off the bed and headed for the bathroom...he emerged after a few minutes with a towel and a tube of lubrication, he was wiping his bum hole and told David he had just pushed the shower head around his bum and washed it for him, then lay on the bed and lifted up his legs to let David examine his pink puckered hole and to smear some of the lube into it "arrgghh oohhh oohh that's cold" moaned japanese preteen picture Damien as David fingered the lube into him and smeared some on his own hard cock and moved up Damien's body and his cock head came in line with Damien's hole "you sure you want this Damien?" said David and Damien nodded and said " put it in, fuck me please David" and David pulled back on his cock slid the foreskin down and pushed the head at the entrance to Damien's hole and gently pushed in, a murmur came out of Damien's mouth as David's cock head invaded his bum and he held his breath and pushed out and it slid in effortlessly and David started to thrust into the boys bum "arrggh oohh arrghh oohh" moaned Damien as he was being fast fucked. David's cock was now fully in the young lad bum and his balls slapped against the smaller boy's bare bum "arrgghhh ooh im close" moaned David and continued to fast fuck Damien "fuck, fuck, fuck me hard David" exclaimed Damien as he swung his head from side to side as David slammed into his boy hole "oohh its here.. Ooh him cumming" moaned David and he shot a good spurt of his teen sperm into Damien's belly, followed by three lesser spurts and then he collapsed sweating on top of Damien's stomach groaning with pleasure. They lay there catching their breathes until Damien squirmed from under David and then climbed on top of his preteen pix forum bare back and pushed his cock head into David's bum crack and lubed up his hole with his pre cum, he then started to push his bare cock head into the boys hole causing David to wince and shout out as the head pushed into the tight sphincter "arrgghh oohh fuck nooo!!" moaned David as Damien's cock forced its way in and he proceeded to fuck him hard, both boys were now moaning and gasping and soon Damien moaned that he was close and he grabbed David's shoulder and thrust hard and shot his hot teen sperm into David's battered bum hole, giving him three good preteens top 100 spurts of hot boy cream, he collapsed breathing heavy onto David's back and both boys lay for a few minutes gathering their breathes and then Damien pulled his softened cock out of David's hole and a trickle of his sperm came out, "I think we both need to clean up" said Damien and climbed off the bed and led David into the bathroom and turned on the shower and got the warm water flowing, they both slipped off their school socks and entered the shower and had a good warm shower, both of them soaping each other up and laughing and giggling and rubbing at each others sensitive cocks, it seemed ages that they were in there and David said he had better dress and leave for home so they both got out the shower and dried off and dressed and then Damien came over to David and kissed him hard on the lips and whispered "can we be friends and do this again?" David pulled back and smiled at Damien and said "yes, I would like that so much, in fact I think you are my best friend now" and they embraced and then Damien said "maybe you could come over and do a sleepover during the holiday, and we preteens models pic could swim in the pool" "you have a swimming pool?" quizzed David "yes in the basement and a Jacuzzi and steam room as well" went on Damien "wow cool!! I would love try those" exclaimed David. Damien showed David out and they vowed to ring each other over the weekend and set up another meeting, David skipped off home and pondered how he would explain the cuts and bruises and the ripped shirt to his mother, but right now he was over the moon that he had met sexy Damien and what they would get up to over the holiday...... Well that's it for now, if you like what your read then get in touch, and also should I go on further? Should I get the bully "Rat" involved somewhere? Just let me know...flames will be ignored but all favourable comments will be answeredEmail at kjl1546hotmail.co.uk
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Monday, July 23rd 2012

12:00 AM

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